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48 Hour Makeover

48 hour makeovers are probably the number one thing that I love. The transformation that occurs in every single home is incredible. Clients are often somewhat skeptical- as they are unsure of what can be done in a short amount of time and under a limited budget. But by using what is already in the home, moving things around,
And adding a bit more, the result is always unbelievable!

If you are having a party in a week, need to sell your home or are just wanting a fresh new look-ask about my 48 hour makeovers. You’ll be surprised at what can be done with your home!

When Sher and her assistant Chip came and remade my home, I felt that I was in the room with two of the most gifted artists, I was so honored to have their expertise working and re-anging my furniture- their gift is incredible. My daughter came up to me after Sher had just done our home And said, “mommy, I love our new home, now I can invite my friends over.”

– Jennifer Lyon (Bexley home makeover)